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Soda Type Bottles

    Cape May County, NJ has only five types of bottles that fall into this category of "Soda Type". These bottles held beer, mineral water, soft drinks, or fruit drinks. All of these bottles where what we call today "Deposit Bottles". Each bottle was the property of the bottler, and when you where finished with the drink you where to return the bottle. There are five basic categories of these bottles, and each can easily be identified by it's shape, mostly by it's top. An example of each is shown below. They are "Blob top", "Gravitating Stopper", "Crown top", "Hutch", and "Squat". The squats have two different types of tops: "Blob" (sometimes called "Pony"), and "Tapered Skirt"

Top of a Blob
Top of a Gravitating Stopper
"Gravitating Stopper"
Top of a Crown top
"Crown top"
Top of a Hutch
Top of a Squat Tapered Skirt
"Squat Tapered Skirt"
Top of a Squat Blob or Pony
"Squat Blob or Pony"

    Below is a list of known beer, mineral water, soft drink, and fruit drink bottles from Cape May County, NJ.

Sorry, None of The Bottles Shown Are For Sale

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