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    Below is a list of known milk bottles from Cape May County, NJ dairies. We have listed only the "Mom and Pop" dairies. There were larger "Corperate" dairies that delivered throughout Cape May County such as : Abbotts, Sealtest, Supplee Wills Jones, Wilson, and WaWa. Although they were a part of the history of dairying in Cape May County, we are only listing local based dairies. The list is categorized by town names. Most dairies put the town of where their farm was located on the bottles. As with many small dairies that were near the border of two towns, they sometimes used two different town names throughout their operation. Sometimes they just simply used the town name that they delivered to, even thought their dairy might not be located in that town. Some of the dairies felt that they did not need to put the town name on the bottle, just the owner's name. This was because they were well known throughout the town, and maybe the only dairy. Looking at a bottle today with no town name on it, makes it much harder to determine where the bottle is from.

    Most of the bottles listed below are from our own collection. Others that are not from our collection are credited to their respectful owners. Click on any red-colored name below to see pictures of those bottles.

Sorry, None of The Bottles Shown Are For Sale

  • David Caprioni Dairy

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